Established in 1997, VOC is a reputable Christian broadcasting station that is recognized nationally and internationally. Its offices are located within the Trans World Radio premises in Manzini. It has an estimated 70% coverage in Swaziland and 2% spillage into South Africa. Its programmes are a favorite among believers and are broadcast in SiSwati and English. The station also broadcast via the Internet.

Our Target segment

There are two main segments of our target population believers and none believers. Believers are targeted with programs that nurture them spiritually while none believers are targeted with programs that seek to win them to Christ. These two segments are further divided into four similar categories.

 The youth – All people aged less than 40 years of age
 The elderly – All people above the age of 40
 The Affluent – the educated middle class, the rich and English speakers
 The none affluent – the less educated, low income and rural

Our target Area

We seek for 100% coverage of The Kingdom of Eswatini. We also seek to broadcast live in SADC starting with Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa.

Our Call and Aspiration

  1. We are called to work for the fulfillment of the great commission by using mass media to clearly present the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people for their repentance and spiritual maturity. We aspire to a world where every citizen regularly listens to the gospel of Jesus Christ being clearly presented with an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ and mature spiritually.
  2. We are called to fulfill the great commission by using mass media to reach out to many people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We aspire to give people an opportunity to come to know Christ personally and nurture them spiritually through our programmes.


95, 96, 97, 101 MHz

Current track