Social Responsibilities

Though Swaziland is comparatively a very small country, with a national population of approximately 1.1 million according to a recent Demographic Health Survey , she is not without major problems that shake the welfare of its people. Being rated one of the countries in the world with the highest rate of HIV infection, (26% with the group 15-49 year olds), the problem does not end there.

The multi sectoral nature of HIV and AIDS its impact thereafter has further increased the high rate of poverty in the country, increasing the number of orphaned and vulnerable children hence creating a sense of loss and low self esteem among the people in general.
All these effects cannot remain unchallenged, and every effort in the country is worth exploring to help stabilize the situation and help create a sense of peace, responsibility (spiritually, socially, economically, and otherwise), improved morale among all individuals as well as creating hope for all.

The Voice of the Church has a WING SHIYA INCABHAYI”- LEAVE A LEGACY, that is of great potential in addressing all such issues, and speak on behalf of the church to a larger audience, capitalizing on the fact that approximately 90% of the Swazi population is Christian. These challenges have further justified the need and the operations of VOC-Transworld Swaziland as well as the need for its continuity.

Shiya ’incabhayi is a HIV AIDS Programme which specializes on prevention, which includes Abstinence and Faithfulness. It has a radio talk show to which adults and young people can get to be helped in issues touching HIV AIDS. This program started in 2008 and up to this time it is still operating, offering assistance to thousands of people locally and outside the country of Swaziland.

Message Passed to Adults….
In the Wednesday shows, many different topics are discussed which are picked using the help of the listens. Adults are encouraged to be “FAITHFUL TO ONE PARTNER” and are discouraged in INTERGENERATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. The topics are discussed and listeners get the opportunity to call and comment on the chosen topic that is discussed on that day. Many different people get to be interviewed on the different topics and also share their testimonies and help other listeners who may also be facing the relevant programme.

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