Who is Voice of the church?

The Voice of the church (VOC), also known as Transworld Radio Swaziland is a national Christian radio station which is “not-for profit” based in the Manzini city of  The Kingdom of Eswatini. VOC is a local brand name for Transworld Radio Swaziland, it officially started being operational in 1995 when the first broadcast was made, at the time-with only one transmitter stationed around Manzini.


Over the years, VOC has since developed, and is currently broadcasting through five (5) transmitters (95, 96, 97, 97.1,101 MHz), reaching between 2.5-2.8 million listeners within the Kingdom of  Eswatini, some parts of South Africa and some parts of Mozambique. VOC has since grown over the past few years establish a new channel VOC 2 English Channel broadcasting through 3 frequencies (102, 104, 105.5 MHz)

VOC preaches the gospel through different programs produced for local and international churches to preach the good news. The music delivered is also inspired by the Bible and is intended to heal and to bring peace to the broken hearted. The Voice of the Church is a tower raised by God through  Trans World Radio in Swaziland embedded with a mammoth task of depopulating hell and overcrowding the Heavens. This is voice of healing, deliverance, motivation, teaching and edification of souls.

We started the year 2015 with a powerful compelling vision of broadcasting ‘Beyond Our Borders’ extracted from Malachi 1:5 “You will see this with your own eyes and you will say great is the Lord even beyond our borders.”  Reverend Zachariah Mthethwa (National Director)

With this vision we are seeing the unlimited God, a great God with unlimited power leading us even beyond our borders. This was confirmed in 2014 when the Minister of Home Affairs launched the VOC internet broadcast www.vocfm.org  Swazi’s outside the borders are able to listen online. Indeed we broadcasting, marketing, and transmitting beyond our borders.

Currently VOC reaches approximately 85% of the Swazi population with its spiritual, social, motivating and enriching programs, which are building the nation. VOC broadcasting 24 hours a day and 7 days week in both Siswati and English with 85, 15% proportions.

VOC FM Siswati

95, 96, 97, 101 MHz

Current track