when was surah al takathur revealed reality-shows

Programmes Content
Leave a Legacy HIV/AIDS initiative/broadcasting programs, teaching on HIV, advising and sensitizing the Swazi community.
Young Climber Mainly targeting in-school youth and children with educational and informative material aimed to carve their professional career paths. Works through Clubs formed to enhance young people to have positive outlook about their lives. As a result, this programme is able also to assist vulnerable and orphaned children, through study clubs helping children to improve their education.
Change Your World Program for out of school youth, career guidance and preparatory session for the outside world.
Sunday school Programs intended for kindergarten and young children to empower and nurture their spiritual lives at a young age.
Tabo make Women as a vulnerable group, addressing their spiritual, physical and social needs.
Sive Lesiphephile (A safe/protected Nation) Legal issues addressed, involvement of the police, sensitize the nation on how to deal with such issues-on air program.

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