Ⅰ We are Committed to the Great Commission: The great commission as stated in Mathew 28:19-20 is the foundation of our existence, it is core in our vision and mission and we therefore make it a priority in all our programmes.

Ⅱ We are Christian: We publicly state our Christian beliefs for the purpose of winning others to Christ. We carry and deliver the gospel daily, corporately and individually, and we make disciples. Our personal lives that are consistent with our organizational values and demonstrate Christ likeness
Ⅲ We are Partners: We are in partnership with the church
, organizations and individuals whose faith is consistent with our statement of Faith in upholding the person and principles of Christ and in working towards fulfilling the great commission.

Ⅳ We are Professionals: We seek to excel in our work by meeting the highest international standards and practice in the mass media industry. Our Christian values are not a weakness but a strength that propels us to meet all professional and legislated requirements.

Ⅴ We are Stewards: We accept that the resources entrusted to us are not ours and we are committed to putting them to good use for the purposes for which they are given and collected. We demonstrate this value by upholding high accountability standards that meet the requirements of our partners.

Ⅵ We Value People: We love and respect all people regardless of status, class and position. We treat our staff and customers with love and value them above systems and structures


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