Established in 1997, VOC is a 24 hours Christian broadcaster in Siswati and English. Voice Of The Church started its first historic broadcast in the local language in 1995 with one transmitter stationed in Manzini. VOC is a non profit national Christian radio station. VOC is a local brand name for Transworld Radio Swaziland.

Over the years, VOC has since developed and is currently broadcasting through five transmitters (95, 96, 97, 97.1,101 MHz) and on Set-Top-Box (STB), reaching between 2.5-2.8 million listeners within the Kingdom of Swaziland, some parts of South Africa and some parts of Mozambique. VOC preaches the gospel through different programs produced for local and international churches to preach the good news. The music delivered is also inspired by the Bible and is intended to heal and to bring peace to the broken hearted. VOC is a spiritual, social and authentic station which brings hope to the hopeless and listens to problems of the nation. The core values for VOC broadcasting programming derives from Christian teaching and beliefs, and therefore, does not broadcast messages which are contrary to these beliefs. 

 Just as in any friendship, the relationship between the listener and the radio station depends on a mutual understanding, an agreement on shared interests and social attitudes.To best deliver useful and quality services, we are always on guard that;

  • Every staff member involved in producing material for VOC, or marketing our core mandate understands these underlying values.
  • VOC is broadcasting materials for the people, by the people through market research, and through the church voice.
  • As VOC, we always ask the question, “Are we catering for the spiritual and social needs and gaps of our listeners and potential listeners?” To best answer this question, we value the importance of market research as a fundamental informative strategy.
  • VOC is a station for all, (ages and classes), touching every broken heart and delivering Gods message in a different way
  • VOC does not broadcast messages which promote use of drugs,traditional medicines and political activities.


  1. To preach the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ through sermons and music, which show men the way to salvation.
  2. To broadcast social issues without politicizing them.
  3.  To promote development in the country through development programs on air.
  4.  To bring hope to any hopeless situation that people might face in their life.

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VOC is a station that is rooted on reality, honesty, positiveness, passion, inspiration, grounded on the truth and “telling it like it is, according to the Bible”