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The Voice of the church would greatly appreciate any support from the Christian and public at large. You too can partner with us financially and otherwise, thus helping us continue with the work of preaching and teaching the good news of Christ

Leave a Legacy/Shiya Incabhayi is a Voice of the Church radio station, HIV prevention programme. Issues are discussed in radio programmes; Wednesday and Friday. Different topics are discussed and you are free supposed to voice your views which will enhance our topical discussion. Nothing personal, true and realistic yet constructive views will be highly appreciated. Welcome to SHIYA INCABHAYI.

Roots are essential for the plant to have life, likewise a connection with Christ is a necessity if we are to have a full spiritual life.

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Voice of the church broadcast 24 hours. The are two radio station channel English and Siswati

VOC FM Siswati

95, 96, 97, 101 MHz

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